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Visiting the Ferrari Museums (Maranello & Modena) In One Day - All You Need to Know

Scuderia Ferrari are the most successful and iconic team in Formula One history. So when I traveled to Rome during the summer for a friend's wedding, I knew I had to take a detour to include the Ferrari museums in Maranello and Modena into our itinerary. If you are a motorsport and Formula 1 fan visiting Italy like me, you will be happy spending the day surrounded by Ferrari's history and classic cars. In this article, you will find everything you need to know before visiting the museums.

Where are the Maranello and Modena Museums?

Maranello and Modena are small towns located in Northern Italy, in the Emilia-Romagna region. Although you can visit the museums on the same day, it is essential to note that they are located in different places. Maranello and Modena are different towns situated around 18km apart from each other.

  • The Museo Modena's address is Via Paolo Ferrari 85 – 41121 Modena.

  • The Museo Maranello's address is Via Dino Ferrari 43 – 41053 Maranello (MO).

Between the Museums

Whether traveling by car or train, getting from one museum to the other is not complicated. There is a scheduled shuttle bus service between the museums in Modena and Maranello. The bus also stops at Modena Railway Station. You can book your ride online or at the museum. However, note that the shuttle has fixed times. As of November 2022, these are the connection times provided by Ferrari.

Ferrari's Shuttle Bus Schedule (Nov, 2022)

Which Museum to Visit First?

Because we decided to take the shuttle bus between the museums, we started with the museum in Modena, also known as Museo Enzo Ferrari. Then, we took a train from Bologna to Modena's train station. We arrived at the station a little past 9.00 in the morning and started our slow walk to the museum. By 9.20, we were in front of the yellow gate of the Enzo Ferrari Museum, which opened its doors at 9.30. While we were waiting for the gate to open, four more people arrived and stayed with us.

The Modena Museum

The Modena Museum focuses on the life and work of Ferrari's founder: Enzo Ferrari. It features the house where he was born and an exhibition of vintage Ferrari cars. Our visit lasted around one hour, which gave us just enough time to check Enzo's story and all the vintage cars, drink a quick coffee at the cafeteria, use the restroom and get back to the entrance to wait for the shuttle bus.

Around twenty more people were waiting with us for the shuttle bus to Maranello, which arrived at 10.47 am. We were all confused if we were supposed to pay for a ticket to get on the bus, but all the bus driver asked us was whether we would do a one-way ride to Maranello or a round-trip. Finally, he noted the number of people and their preferred connections, and we got moving. We arrived in Maranello around 11.15 am, where we were requested to pay for the bus shuttle and got an extra ticket to go back to Modena.

The Maranello Museum

The Museo Ferrari di Maranello offered a whole new different experience. It's all about fast cars! There you will see Ferrari's supercars and Formula 1 cars and get a chance to take a photo at an actual pit wall used at the track by Ferrari for a small fee. It's a much bigger and much more crowded museum. The three and a half hours before getting the shuttle bus was just enough. We were able to take photos with and of every car we loved, had lunch at one of the restaurants outside the museum, and drove a Formula 1 race simulator. After that, we headed out to wait for the bus. Because we still wanted to visit the Imola track on the same day, we took the bus straight to the Modena train station and did not return to the other museum again.

Getting Your Tickets

Although you can purchase tickets at the Museum's ticket desk during opening hours, Ferrari recommends booking your tickets in advance online on their official website. Because the museums are very famous among travelers, motorsport fans, and families with children, purchasing your tickets in advance will ensure availability on the best dates that work for you.

  • Types of tickets

Different types of tickets will allow you flexibility or preference in the museum waiting line. If you need flexibility, you can book an open ticket. You can use them any time within 365 days of the purchase date. However, open ticket holders will not have priority over other visitors. Tickets with fixed time can be either single or combined for both museums. If you opt for the combined tickets, you may visit both museums within the same 48-hour period.


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