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Screen to Speed: Calling all girls to become racing drivers

Do you want to become a female racing car driver but never had the opportunity? Then, Screen to Speed ​​might be the break you've been looking for.

Yesterday, Init Esports, a woman-led esports company, announced the start of the Screen to Speed ​​tournament powered by Pennzoil. The initiative aims to create a multi-year pipeline to discover female talent from esports and gaming and offer them a direct route to become part of the motorsports industry. The project started on December 19, 2022, and will run until February 12, 2023.

Stefy Bau, founder and CEO of Init Esports, and Victoria Thomas, co-owner of Kellymoss Inc., are the creators of Screen to Speed. They point out that less than 3% of the automotive industry comprises women, which characterizes an underrepresentation. While women represent 50% of the number of video game players. In this way, sim racing is the most direct means of creating a connection between the world of games and motorsport.

From left to right: The two creators of Screen to Speed, Stefy Bau and Victoria Thomas, and professional racing driver Sabré Cook.

What is sim racing?

Simulated racing or racing simulation refers to racing game software that simulates auto racing. According to industry leaders, sim racing is a safe, cheap, and inclusive option for others who want to experience the most accurate feeling of racing a car virtually.

How will the tournament work?

The digital tournament and online show will run asynchronously from December through February 12, 2023. Women or individuals who publicly identify as women from around the world will be able to enter. However, the minimum age to participate is 18 years old. The grand finale will take place in Las Vegas on March 4, 2023, during the Pennzoil 400 NASCAR round.

15 women will be chosen as finalists, based on the result of the fastest lap and social reach campaigning. They will be taken to Las Vegas to compete in Next Level Racing cockpit simulators. In addition, the finalists will be trained by professional driver Sabré Cook. The final prize includes $15,000 cash, a racing simulator, and a real-life track event with the Kellymoss Porsche race team.

How to participate in Screen to Speed?

To register, it's simple. Visit the official tournament website:

  • Verifying your identity

To participate, you will need to respond to the two declarations and create an Init/Gamer Safer account, which ​​will take just a few minutes, according to Screen to Speed. And the good thing is, you will only need to do this once! Furthermore, this registration process will verify participants' identities, which is critical for keeping the tournament safe and fair.

  • Make sure you have the right gear

To race and be eligible to win prizes, participants must have a gaming PC and download iRacing. If you are already an iRacing user, you will receive a specific link via email to log into the tournament. If you are not an iRacing user, you will receive a unique code to access the tournament on the platform for free. The free code is granted only to new users.

Participants don't need a steering wheel/pedals/cockpit combo to compete. Instead, you can race with a controller or your keyboard. However, Init Esports is offering an exclusive discount code if you want to purchase them.

  • Start spinning laps

Once you are fully registered, you only need to start spinning laps. You can view the leaderboard on the following websites: or

  • Results​

Participants will be scored based on their fastest time on the track and how much they engage with their micro-community.

How to watch the tournament?

The show will be live on Twitch, Youtube, and ESTV. For more information, follow the Screen to Speed ​​channels. Additionally, spectators will be eligible to win prizes based on how much they engage with participants. So the more people who follow the contestants' journey, the more people who can win. After all, we are all here to support women!


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