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Aurelia Nobels wins the third season of FIA Girls On Track - Rising Stars

Yesterday, the FIA ​​announced the latest winner of its Girls On Track program - Rising Stars. She is Aurelia Nobels, the 15-year-old racing driver who competes in Formula 4 in Brazil.

Who is Aurelia Nobels?

Despite racing under the Belgian flag, Aurelia Nobels has a fascinating cultural background. The daughter of Belgian parents, Aurelia was born in the United States, in Boston, and has lived in Brazil since she was three. However, having grown up and spent most of her life in Brazil, the driver considers herself Brazilian.

Aurelia has the former Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, as an idol and dreams of competing in the same modality one day. She knows the path is difficult, but she is used to challenges. This year, she was the only female driver in Formula 4 in Brazil and reports having already gone through difficulties as a girl competing in a male-dominated sport. In an interview for Brazilian media, Aurelia says that her parents are essential to support her in these moments.

What is FIA Girls On Track?

FIA Girls On Track - Rising Stars is a program led by the FIA ​​Women in Motorsport Commission in conjunction with the Ferrari Driver Academy. The program aims to recruit and train promising young female drivers to create opportunities for them in motorsport.

Sixteen female drivers between 12 and 16 were chosen and trained at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. Of these, only four advanced to the final in Maranello, home of Ferrari in Italy. As a result, Aurelia, winner of the senior category, was offered the opportunity to join the Ferrari Driver Academy. Besides that, she can now compete in Formula 4 with the Iron Dames team, which is made up entirely of female drivers. As the program's third winner, Aurelia follows in the footsteps of the talented Maya Weug and Laura Camps Torras, winners of the Rising Stars' first and second seasons, respectively.



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